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Brand Spotlight: Anne et Valentin

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We love a great love story. Anne et Valentin tells a story of how two people-fated to fall in love-shared a passion for eyewear craftsmanship. Named after its founders, Anne et Valentin is a brand considered to be the pinnacle of French eyewear.

Anne et Valentin began when Valentine obtained his optician’s degree in 1980 and Anne mastered her passion for design. The couple decided to create their brand through a revolutionary process of customizing their eyewear based on the customer’s lifestyle. In order to create the perfect frame, the couple opted to get a better understanding of their customers, assessing how they move, think, what their personalities were like and other particulars. They conducted a survey to learn what aspect of glasses matters most to the wearers. With this in mind, Anne drew some designs and their first collection was launched in 1984, when they named their brand, Anne et Valentin.

Anne incorporated her creative design skills perfectly described as colorful and lively. She also began to design with ergonomics, technical aspects, and customer personalization in mind. The combination of meticulous craftsmanship and unique styling brought their first eyewear collection spectacular results and has continued even until present day.

Made from the best materials available

Anne et Valentin glasses are made from the finest materials available only in Japan and France. Japan is known for its highest quality of Titanium while France produces the best frame materials like acetate and plastic. Anne et Valentin not only focuses on manufacturing high-end designs, but also values supreme quality and durability.

While technology has advanced the eyewear industry, Anne et Valentin has kept its original touch and continues handcrafting their products. Frames are designed and iterated by their skilled artisans, while technicians in France and Japan apply the finishing touches to complete their frames. Their personal approach combined with its artistic designs and the use of top quality materials is what makes Anne et Valentin one-of-a-kind.

Anne et Valentin Designs

We appreciate every detail the designers place into each piece and their love to play with different inspirations like humor, fantasy, and how they dare to combine plastic, metal and unique rigid technical structures.

It’s no surprise that there are many fans of Anne et Valentin’s designs, as the brand is famous for their signature and stunning fashion-forward designs. They love to push the boundaries of the eyewear industry. Their secret to success? An intimate and personal connection with their customers needs.

From prescription glasses to fashion sunglasses, Anne et Valentin offers a wide range of eyewear. If you are looking for something feminine, something bold, or something perfect for your petite face, take a look at some of these Anne et Valentin’s designs. 

Anne et Valentin Alexander Daas

Let's take a moment to appreciate how they managed to combine different elements and make it work. Anne et Valentin Klee (available here) is definitely the perfect piece to describe the brand’s creativity. This subtle cat-eye style eyeglass features unique contrasting prints and purple and brown colors.  Surely, this design is something for the quirky at heart!


Anne et Valentin Alexander Daas

Anne et Valentin U Play in Deep Crystal Grey features a unique dimensional structure with its temple cut outs. The color, structure, and design give the perfect blend of urbane, dynamic, and refined chic vibe. With its dark grey color, this Anne et Valentin piece is a sure stunner with any look! Grab your own pair here.


Anne et Valentin Alexander Daas

With a fiery red color, Anne et Valentin Aloe 1246 is the perfect piece for the bold and brave. This Anne et Valentin design is unique in every aspect. It features round lenses framed with a unique structure, temples with a stunning gradient red color, and a cool bridge cut detail, making this piece bold, strong and unrivaled. Shop here.

Dedicated to cater to their customer’s unique personality rather than forcing a fashion statement, Anne et Valentin has created frames that define a person’s style. Presently, the brand has released over 1,000 stunning styles that are loved by many. People are inspired by the fact that they stand true to every aspect of their products, from designing, manufacturing, marketing, and customer service, they personalize everything. What more can you ask for in an eyewear brand? If it’s time to get framed, a new pair of Anne et Valentin glasses is a must have. Check out our whole collection of unique Anne et Valentin glasses and choose the one that is perfect for you! Shop now here.


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