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Cool Sunglasses for Women

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Bringing some cool sunglasses for women only! Often times, we think that sunglasses are expensive investments only a diva could possess. But that was way back decades ago when sunglasses were still considered a luxury. This may also apply if you have dozens of them in your wardrobe. But in the modern day, with the sun's harsh UV rays, having at least one pair of sunglasses that you can rely on most especially during sunny days is already a must. For most of us, a pair of sunglasses is already a staple eye accessory in our wardrobe not only for fashion and style but most especially for our eye protection.

And so if you're planning on investing in a high-quality eyewear for your eye protection, you should better choose the one with the best style. But with the constant change in trends and with the many designs available online and basically anywhere, from aviators to cat-eye, oversized, and round sunglasses to name a few, you'd find yourself confused as to which style you should choose. Added to that, you should also know the basics of choosing the right frame shape that suits your face shape.

Taking all these factors into consideration definitely seems daunting but don't worry, we are here to help you ease the pain of finding cool sunglasses that will perfectly suit you. Here are some cool sunglasses for women that you might like.


Cool Sunglasses for Women - Daas Optique

SALT Lorna


Handcrafted to perfection in Japan, Lorna by SALT features a stunning silhouette with slight cat-eye and subtle cream frame, and round gradient tinted lens. With its dreamy vibe, it's no wonder this gorgeous pair of sunglasses tops everyone's list of cool sunglasses for women. Made by SALT, a heavily nature-inspired brand, the clean, classic, and timeless look of this cool sunglasses highly reflect a vintage style with a modern minimalistic twist.


Cool Sunglasses for Women Alexander Daas

Mykita Desna


Next on our list of cool sunglasses for women is this gorgeous Mykita Desna sunglasses. Featuring a trendy transparent frame with gold brown tinted round lens, this modern cat-eye sunglasses are to die for! This modern yet retro style sunglass is the perfect eye accessory to add to your sunglasses collection. Proudly handcrafted in Japan, this eye-catcher sunglass is made out of high-quality acetate frame and ultra-lightweight stainless steel temples with anti-reflective and 100% UVA/UVB protection coated lens. If you can't get enough of this unique sunglasses, you can find more colors and prints here.


Cool Sunglasses for Women - Daas Optique

Moscot Miltzen

Joining our list of cool sunglasses for women is this unique Havana printed round sunglasses from Moscot. This retro pair of sunglasses features a thin acetate frame with a trendy havan print, round lenses, and a unique keyhole bridge. With its versatile design and shape, this awesome sunglasses can be worn by almost any face shape, either for men or women. And knowing its brand, Moscot, you're in good hands with its superb quality of craftsmanship and reputable experience in eyewear making.


Cool Sunglasses for Women - Daas Optique


Our list of cool sunglasses for women cannot be complete without a perfect pair of aviator style sunglasses. Although this style was originally popularized by the military in the olden days, it didn't stop women from trying on this gorgeous style. Coz' why not? Aviator sunglasses look even more stunning when worn by women! Just like Salt McKean sunglasses, this unisex aviator sunglasses perfectly highlights the best facial features of both genders. With its honey-gold metal frame, long top bar, and polarized lenses, you'll not only achieve the style you're aiming for, but also the UV protection that your eyes need.


Cool Sunglasses for Women -Daas Optique

Garrett Leight Club House


For women who love shades of pink, this rose gold metal framed semi-flat pink sunglasses is definitely a must-have! With its color, trendy thin metal frame, and retro style, stand out from the crowd by adding a pop of color directly on your eyes! This rectangular shaped sunglasses are perfect for women with round, curvy and soft facial features. Featuring a feminine color and angular shape, this Garrett Leight Club House sunglasses gives the perfect balance of feminine style and masculinity to the wearer. No wonder why this one-of-a-kind pair is included in our top cool sunglasses for women.

Those are only a few of the many pretty women's sunglasses that you can choose from. Rather than sacrificing function over style, you should choose sunglasses that can perfectly harmonize both. And if you're looking for a pair that can last the test of time and trend, choose the sunglasses that has a classic and timeless appeal like we've laid out above. But if you are still looking for more designs and if you think none of those five sunglasses suit your style, you can go ahead and feel free to check out our sunglasses collection of cool sunglasses for women. Check here!

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