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How to Buy Glasses Online? We've Got Answers.

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The search for the perfect glasses can often be challenging with so many options and no clear direction for where to turn when it comes to quality and style. 

Without having the actual sunglasses or eyeglasses in front of you, it can be difficult to determine which specific styles will best fit you.

To show you how easy and simple it is to buy glasses online, here's your complete guide to buy glasses online with confidence.

Step 1: Know your prescription and measurements

First things first: make sure that you know your accurate prescription provided by your eye care professional. Getting the right fit can be challenging, so you’ll have to make sure you have the right prescription and eyewear measurements. In case you don’t know your eyewear measurements, you can simply look at any of the temples of your existing eyeglasses or sunglasses. The measurements are listed in the order of lens width, bridge width, and arm length. Worst case scenario, grab a ruler and measure the lens width, bridge, and arm of your glasses if you don’t see any numbers listed on your current glasses.

Your measurement should most likely look like: lens width of 31-64 mm, bridge width of 9-24 mm, and arm length of 115-155 mm.

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Alexander Daas St. Margherita

Step 2: Pick your style

In choosing which style is right for you, consider your face shape and your personal style.

What glasses styles suit your face shape?

Knowing your face shape is key to finding the right glasses that will perfectly fit you. Certain frame shapes can highlight and compliment your best features, while others may enhance the wrong attributes. But the good news is you can easily predict which frames can emphasize your best features.

Identify your face shape by looking directly in front of a mirror or taking a selfie to get a good look at all your angles. Take a closer look at the overall shape, width, length, and contours of your face. Find your match and identify which shape (heart, round, oval, or square) you resemble most. Once you have identified your face shape, it’s important to find frames that will bring balance and symmetry. Choose frames with soft edges (round or aviator sunglasses) if you have a square face shape and avoid them if you have a round face shape. On the other hand, if your face is more elongated (oblong or oval) balance it out with frames that are bigger in width than in length.

What frame designs suit my personality and style?

This usually takes most of your time as it involves your personal choice. But once you’ve identified your face shape and narrowed down what compliments your features, choosing the styles that speaks to your personal aesthetics has just become easier. If you already have a specific style in mind, use the search bar with key descriptors such as "vintage retro style" or "minimal and sophisticated" to narrow in on your search.

Step 3: Place your order

The hard part is over. You’ve now found your ideal glasses online and you’re ready to place your order. Simply select your color or print of choice, enter your prescription right above the quantity selector, and click the add to cart button.

After your purchase

After your order has arrived, try them on and get comfortable with how they fit. If you have any questions, we are only an email away.

And that’s it. Simple, right? With just 3 easy steps, ordering glasses online is actually a pretty easy process. You’ll just have to figure out what pair of glasses will fit your shape face, both aesthetically and functionally. Ready to shop? Check out our wide collection of cool sunglasses and eyeglasses here!

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