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Sunglasses Trends: Styles, Colors & Shapes | Alexander Daas Eyewear

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There’s no better time to keep up with the latest sunglass trends than now! For all days of pure hard work, go and reward yourself with a new pair of cool sunglasses. But before you go ahead and shop, it is important that you know what’s hot and what’s not with this year’s sunglass trends before spending that hard-earned cash. We’ve rounded up the most popular sunglass trends of 2018. So if you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that will go perfectly with your new clothes, we’ve got you covered!

Keep reading to discover the latest sunglass trends in style, colors, and shapes!

Sunglass Trends: Styles

  • Clubmaster Sunglasses

Alexander Daas Eyewear

Salt Harlan Sunglasses


Also known as half-rim, clubmaster sunglasses are powerful eye accessories perfect for your professional life. Available for men and women, these semi-rimless sunglasses are both fashionable, practical, and perfect for the business-savvy. These cool and stylish sunglasses are known for its hybrid style of browline sunglasses and round sunglasses. The combination of the two creates a unique smart and professional look. If you are looking for a discrete style with a unique combination of acetate and metal frame, perhaps with Salt Harlan Sunglasses from Alexander Daas Eyewear, your search for the perfect sunglass trend is over!

  • Flat Top Sunglasses

Flat Tops sunglasses are a great way to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Alexander Daas Eyewear

Matsuda M3037

Flat Top sunglasses are undeniably one the best sunglasses for men.  Featuring bolder and manlier features with its rimless flat rectangular frame and top bar, these babies can surely make heads turn. Flat top sunglasses such as Matsuda M3037 from Alexander Daas Eyewear will give you that unique vintage look with a modern twist, a look everyone is aiming for.



Sunglass Trends: Colors & Patterns
    • Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

    Alexander Daas Eyewear

    Barton Perreira Dalziel


    When we talk about the most trendy sunglasses patterns, it is undoubtedly tortoiseshell that we can immediately think of. Sunglasses with tortoise shell pattern are very popular since forever ago. Not only do they look perfect for the autumn season, but they simply go well with any look regardless of the season. So if you’re looking for a pair who’s beauty can last a lifetime, then go get yourself a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses just like Barton Perreira Dalziel from Alexander Daas Eyewear.


    • Clear Sunglasses

    Alexander Daas Eyewear

    Moscot Lemtosh

    Another trend that’s been crazy popular lately are clear sunglasses. These beauties can attract and draw attention to your face in the most flattering way. It features clear acetate frames that are perfect for that barely-there look that perfectly contrasts with dark tone outfits. Clear frames with a colorful transparent lense like  Moscot Lemtosh from Alexander Daas Eyewear gives the wearer a fresh youthful look that is not over the top, making this trend truly one of a kind among the rest.


    Sunglass Trends: Shapes
    • Round Mirrored Sunglasses

    Alexander Daas Eyewear

    Matsuda M1014


    No sunglasses trends list is complete without everybody's favorite, the round mirrored sunglasses. Round mirrored sunglasses are the cooler version of round sunglasses specially designed for those who seek an adventurous lifestyle. Best used outdoors when it's snowing or simply on a hot day under the sun where the sun rays are hitting your eyes, round mirrored sunglasses such as Matsuda M1014 from Alexander Daas Eyewear is your perfect companion. Even though the lenses are not polarized, Matsuda M1014 can deflect sun rays, therefore, keeping your eyes protected.


    • Aviator Sunglasses

    Alexander Daas Eyewear

    Alexander Daas Eyewear - Power


    Aviators sunglasses are on everyone’s list of the best sunglass trend for men and women. There’s no question how this timeless and classic shape has endured the ever-changing fashion trend and has remained cool and “in” with the test of time. Even big Hollywood actors can attest to that. In fact, Michael Keaton, a Hollywood actor famous for his movie Need for Speed, has been rocking an aviator sunglasses from Alexander Daas Eyewear (Power) non-stop! Check here.


    Express your style and personality by making the best of today’s sunglass trends! Check more cool and popular pairs of sunglasses here!

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