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The Vision of MYKITA

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Known for its unending search for innovation, the visionary brand MYKITA and its founders Moritz Krueger, Philipp Haffmans, Daniel Haffmans, and Harald Gottschling proudly boast its premium materials and years of expertise. This German independent brand has made a name by building a reputable portfolio since 2003, allowing them to score innovative collaborations with big fashion brands Martine Rose, Maison Margiela, and many more. A defining element behind the brand’s success is the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin, where they've gathered expert artisans from all over the world under a single roof to design and handcraft their incomparable eyewear collections equipped with thorough research and advanced technology. All these facts only certify the brand’s promise to provide the best design and quality.

The brand name MYKITA was inspired from their first factory which was a former day nursery, and is derived from an abbreviated term for Kindergarten, “Kita”. The founders didn’t have any background in the industry, and the name was symbolic of them learning and going back to basics.

The founders wanted to exude a cool allure and modern approach to their designs and made sure to produce durable and high-quality eyewear using lightweight premium materials. Their collections offer a wide array of choices, from modern and minimal designs to exaggerated styles designed for people who love to stand out extraordinarily. Their selections have captured the attention of fashion trendsetters like Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

Beyonce Wearing Mykita Anneli Sunglasses

Beyonce, known for her statement outfits and overall presence, carries her style with a bold choice of sunglasses. One particular style we adore is her Barbie doll pose featuring a sexy black and white once piece and her favorite Mykita Anneli sunglasses. Her oversized monochrome Mykita sunglasses in Copper lift her oh-so-trendy look, with stunning circular lenses that are framed with unique white rim details.

Mykita Alexander Daas

Lady Gaga and her love for MYKITA x Maison Margiela DUAL003

Lady Gaga is also one of the famous celebrities who love to rock Mykita. She’s always seen adding her favorite specs from the brand while strutting her signature bold and edgy style. Lady Gaga is spotted frequently wearing Mykita x Maison Margiela Dual 003. These extraordinary sunglasses feature an interesting nude and black color combination with solid dark grey lenses. The funky bold look of the sunglasses have surely captured the eyes of the 'Monster' singer. Today, we’ve rounded up some of her famous Mykita looks. Let’s check them out.

Mykita Alexander Daas

Lady Gaga looking bold and sexy in her revealing all-white suit, sleek tied blonde hair, and Mykita sunglasses. We can't stress enough how her Mykita sunglasses perfectly completed this versatile look!


Mykita Alexander Daas

Gorgeous in her purple fur coat, Lady Gaga was once again spotted in her Mykita Margiela Dual 003 sunglasses. Regardless of her outfit, the star simply can't get enough of her favorite sunnies!


Mykita Alexander DaasAnother of Lady Gaga's iconic look was this fierce and bold black fur coat paired with her favorite go-to Mykita sunglasses. Take a look at her poker face! This just proves how Mykita Margiela Dual 003 can look great with just about any style. Grab your own pair here.


Meghan Markle Wears Mykita Priscilla

Mykita Alexander Daas

Meghan Markle surely knows what to wear when watching cricket, tennis, and any royal events with her go-to avant garde pair of Mykita Priscilla sunglasses. Robust, lightweight, and elegant at the same time, Mykita Priscilla is definitely perfect for a princess like her. Mykita Priscillla is still available in stock. Grab a pair here.

MYKITA’s dedicated vision to design and quality has led its way to the brand's success, with a footprint in different countries all over the world including Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Cartagena, New York, Monterrey, Zurich, and Tokyo. The brand has also garnered numerous recognitions for their award-winning designs and trends, some of which includes the following:

  • RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2013, 2016 & 2017
  • GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016
  • A´DESIGN AWARD 2013 & 2016
  • IDA DESIGN AWARD 2013 & 2015

MYKITA and their vision have truly come a long way from their early beginnings. Today the brand has become a respectable name in the eyewear industry having numerous awards under their belt. MYKITA is molding the future of eyewear through their special and unique design principles and a personalized approach to design. Expect only the best and watch for more of MYKITA’s milestones in their future collections. Check out more of MYKITA’s eyeglasses and sunglasses in a variety of frames, colors, and styles from Alexander Daas’ MYKITA Collection.

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